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You’ve worked hard getting you music ready to share with the world. But after all that hard work, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out your next steps. Social media is one of those things that can be a real asset to you as an artist, but only if you know how to really use it to your advantage. It’s also often one of the least favorite tasks among the musicians we know and work with.

There’s a methodology behind it that goes beyond simply posting your music on the various sites. That said, you can grow a solid social media foundation that will help you grow your audience both on and offline. Here’s a look at what you can do to grow your social media platforms for music.

Focus on the Most Effective Social Media Sites

There is no shortage of social media sites these days, but some are better than others for promoting music. Start by building your profiles on the most common ones, and then branch out to some of the others once you get into a groove with the major ones. Here’s a look at some of the sites you should consider using:

Instagram. You will note that Instagram is listed first above Facebook in spite of the fact that Facebook has far more traffic as a platform. This is because Instagram has become an increasingly important place for artists to be. The platform is extremely visual and is a great way to show you in action at the studio, posing with fans, displaying photos and flyers from concerts, and even lifestyle shots.

Hashtags carry more weight on this platform than most others and can be used to your advantage if they are well researched. Instagram stories are also important days, especially since they are featured very prominently on the initial screen. This platform has become the most important social platform for all musicians, especially those targeting younger fans.

Facebook. You want to create a page – vs. a group – for your band or your music. Invite your friends and family members to like the page and post to the page regularly. Once you have enough followers, be sure to change the vanity URL ( to the same link as your @Instagram & @Twitter names if possible. There has been a decrease in effectiveness of posting on Facebook as the platform has become extremely crowded. However, periodic FB advertising spends can be effective to promote significant career highlights i.e. big shows, release parties, major press placements etc. and can help grow your fan base.

YouTube. This site is not only a great place to showcase your music, but it is also a place where you can gain a following directly on the website. Share your videos on all your social media profiles to help them gain even more momentum. Keeping in touch with subscribers on YouTube is critical to your marketing strategy. You also need to make sure to stay active in the comments section by leaving meaningful comments not only on your own videos but also on the videos of other artists who have a similar fan base.

Twitter. Use Twitter to share news, post links to your music and even share your videos and concert footage. Twitter is a wonderful way to communicate, using hashtags, with people at location based events i.e. #SXSW or at events happening in the immediate future (i.e., #IamAtTheDrakeShow). Following other artists who you envy is also helpful in sourcing opportunities for your music.

Learn How to Provide Value

It’s true that the ultimate goal of social media is to spread the word about your music. However, your followers need to get a sense that you genuinely care about them. If your profile comes across as overly promotional, you may turn people off, which will cause you to lose followers. Focus on providing value to people’s lives by interacting with them, posting other things besides your own music, and finding other ways to touch people’s lives in positive ways.

Growing your social media can help you gain a following, attract industry attention, and even provide you with insights into you fan base and the fan base of other artists that you may wish to target. This can, in turn, help you be more successful as an artist. It shouldn’t be news in 2018 but by posting to these sites regularly, you can gain and audience and a following for your music.

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