In the modern music business there is no longer any reason that people outside of the major label system can’t make the same quality records with well known A-List producers, writers & engineers. If you have great talent or great material and are looking for someone to help you bring that to life now offers you a solution.

A&R services include:

  • Evaluating and advising on all aspects of making a high-quality record.
  • Supervising the recording process and development of the artist.
  • Spearheading the direction of a project to execute the artist’s ultimate potential.
  • Collaborating with the most qualified writers and top-tier producers, mixers, and engineers for a project.
  • Consulting with marketing, promotion, the artist and their management to choose one or more singles to help promote the record.
  • Overseeing budgets involved with recording and writing sessions to guarantee the most cost-effective tactics!.
  • Assisting in song selections and finding songwriters for artists to co-write with.
  • Leveraging a vast network of industry contacts and experience to ensure the artist’s vision is understood, maintained, and supported through the creation of an album.

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