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Pandora Music Marketing

In the search for exposure, musicians often spend a considerable amount of their time chasing Spotify playlists and Instagram engagement. Although it has a smaller reach, Pandora also has some great opportunities for connecting with fans. In the first quarter of 2019, The Sirius XM owned digital service provider reported 66 million monthly active users and 3.42 Billion ad supported listeners. Over the last few years Pandora has rolled out a suite of artist marketing and messaging tools available on what they call AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) which is for artists to reach their fans.


The first step to begin using these tools is to claim and verify your artist profile by logging in to your user account and visiting Usually this process takes a few days. They request that you prove that you are authorized to claim a profile by providing an email from an official website attached to your artist name (i.e. [email protected]). In the event that you don’t have one, you can often claim profiles by contacting customer service and providing them with an official Facebook page that has your email as part of the contact information on that page. From here you will be able to add or remove team members, change your artist profile picture and create new campaigns.  Creating a new campaign can be artist messaging, featuring a track or promoting a single or a show. Let’s take a look at these one by one.


Featured Track:

The following video concisely summarizes all of the benefits of the featured track promotion on Pandora. In summary, when a track is featured it can see up to a 90% increase in spins while the promotion is active and this can be used for both research and marketing purposes.




Artist Audio Messaging:

This tool allows you to deliver the message of your choice to people as they interact with your music. You are able to choose the location and run time of the messages and can include a call to action and a custom image with your message with an external link (i.e. click your screen to pre-order the new single)



Promote Show & Promote Single:

These campaign types are variations of artist audio messaging except that the interface streamlines the process of promoting either shows or singles.



Another variation of the artist audio messaging, this feature is only available through the mobile app (assuming you have claimed your artist profile). It allows you to play an audio message that can be recorded on the fly and if about a specific track it can be played before or after said track. Ampcast also allows for Geo-targeting and customizable images.


Pandora Stories:


Pandora Stories provides artists with a way to combine some of the best features of playlists and podcasts all in one location. Exclusive to Pandora premium subscribers, this feature delivers playlists featuring full songs  interspersed with behind-the-scenes information and an engaging narrative about the making of the music delivered in artists’ own words. More information about this feature is here.

While not as large as some of the other Digital Service Providers, Pandora does provide a suite of peerless promotional tools that go far beyond the limited customizable profile options elsewhere. We have seen some exciting results using Pandora marketing with our clients, but please try out these tools and let us know how they work for you!  [email protected]

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