Music Marketing Plans

Music Marketing Plans

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Music Marketing –

While we can be hired to do product management and ongoing music marketing services, not everyone is able to afford an ongoing expense.  If you are interested in those services, click here to contact us.  If not and you would like a DIY solution continue reading.


Get A Music Marketing Plan

We can be hired to create custom music marketing / music business plans for your next music release, tour or just to expand your reach and exposure as an artist.  We guarantee that if the plan is followed to the letter that your music will be exposed to more people than it is currently.

How it Works:

After a plan is purchased we send out a detailed marketing questionnaire so we can get as much background on you as possible.  After we have reviewed your responses and thoroughly researched your online presence we connect by phone and go over your needs.  After this conversation we take 1-2 weeks to turn around your plan.  Once completed and delivered we schedule a follow up call to go over the plan and make adjustments if needed.

What does my plan include?

Your plan will include a diagnosis of your existing business and ways to make that business stronger and grow your fan base.  Your plan will include strategies on how to best handle:

  • Social Media and Overall Digital Strategy
  • Website Optimization (both in terms of search and conversion rate)
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Converting and Retaining fans
  • Online Video Promotion
  • Spotify Playlist Pitching
  • Press
  • Touring
  • Music Placement

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