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Gratitude in the Music Business

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We are grateful for many things here at musicconsultant.com. One of the things we are most grateful for in our business is all of the wonderful people we have met and interviewed over the years. Below are some of them, talking about their own gratitude.


Melissa Cross, vocal coach:


“You’ll make a living, but don’t think of it as the Britney Spears path. Just be grateful that you’re not going into debt and can feed yourself and pay your expenses and live off the t-shirt money. You do it for love, not for money …”


David Ryan Harris, guitarist, singer and songwriter:


“You also have to be grateful to everyone who helps you. There’s the saying, ‘Be nice to people on your way up because you’ll meet them on your way down.’”


Brendan James, singer/songwriter:


“I built [a national touring base] with the push of my label, management and my own drive to get my music heard. Everyone was really supporting me, and it was what really jump-started the build of my core fan base. I’m grateful for it to this day.”


Andrew W.K., singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entertainer, motivational speaker and music producer:


“Part of me realized it was kind of crazy to put together a band with people I didn’t know, but there was something driving that whole era when I was first starting that just took away that kind of worry if this was the right choice. You can always wonder if it was right, but I’m extremely grateful that these people came into my life, and that I took these opportunities when they came up and didn’t second-guess them. I didn’t listen to other people who told me not to do them. A lot of the time I just did the opposite of what people told me to do.”


We are grateful you read this far and wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!


Rick, Marty & Julia and all at musicconsultant.com

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