Booking House Concerts

Singer/songwriter Shannon Curtis discusses how house concerts have helped her build a thriving career and personal relationships with her fans and shares some other sources of income and marketing techniques that can help independent artists in the current market.

5 Things I Learned about Releasing Christmas Music

Cameron Mizell, professional musician and co-founder of the website, talks about his experiences releasing Christmas music and delivers some tips for artists to think about when they set out to make a Christmas album.

Becoming a Better Singer

Vocal coach Linda Septien talks about the fundamentals of good live performance and singing techniques and shares some critical tips about becoming a better singer.

Getting Sync Placement

John Sepetys is the Senior Vice President of A&R at North Star Media, a boutique music publisher that offers a personalized, full-service approach to publishing… Read more »

Good Musician Health Habits

Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky, DC, a specialist in the physical rehabilitation of musicians, athletes and dancers talks about common musician injuries and conditions and how to treat and prevent them in order to build a long-lasting career in music.