Artist Press Releases

Artist Press Releases

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Get a professional musician or band press release written by our in-house pro writer, Julia L. Rogers.

Julia is the Editor in Chief of and also writes regularly for a variety of publications, including the Huffington Post, Bitch magazine and Entrepreneur about topics ranging from music and technology, to business and marketing strategy. Her vast experience as a member of the press, a musician and a professional advisor to and writer for many hard-working, successful independent artists gives her a deep understanding of the challenging journey of the modern artist and what catches the eye of bloggers, journalists, booking agents and other music business professionals. is delighted to offer Julia’s press release writing services.

How It Works:

When you work with Julia on a press release, expect a hands-on experience. After gathering information about your upcoming release, event or special project she will put together a brief, personalized survey about your story as a musician. Once she has reviewed all this information, you connect with her quickly via phone or Skype so she can create a press release that will fully capture your personality and career goals. After this conversation, you can expect to have your finished press release in about 1 week.

If you want to create genuine excitement around the important events in your music career, it might be time to enlist someone with industry expertise who can write with the press in mind and paint a very personalized and compelling picture of you as an artist.

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You can see some of Julia’s writing here.

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