Your Song in a Comercial?

Your Song in a Comercial?

Before I get to what you would do if your song got into a commercial – if you are interested in what the experts say about getting your music in commercials and films to begin with check out the great expert interviews under music licensing.


What would you do you if your song ever got placed in a commercial or film as a developing artist?

This is not at all the typical post but I was recently asked to generate a proposal by a large ad agency to do marketing and record label functions around a song the agency had placed in one of their client’s commercials.  I was pretty psyched because I liked the artist and the whole problem of what to do to get found if you are ever presented with such an opportunity is, while very work intensive, rather straight forward and fun.  It’s all about leaving  Bread Crumbs back to a point of purchase and making sure people who don’t know you or your music by name can find you.

I have no idea what happened with the project since I never heard back but since the work for this was already done I figured someone should get the benefit.  Chances are I gave away too much of a clear path which could be followed by someone internally.  The names of the agency, brand and artist have been changed but a slightly modified version of the rough proposal is available here.  May it serve you or someone you know better than it did for the artist it was written for who may or may not have ever read it.

This article deals a great deal Search Engine Optimization and linking strategies.  It is very important for reasons like this that your website be well designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind even if you already occupy the top few slots for your groups name in search results.  At the following link you can learn more about basic Music and SEO.

I will be back soon with more on Finding a music manager.



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