Wolfmother on Your Best Gig – Uncensored

Wolfmother on Your Best Gig – Uncensored

Which live show has been your best performance? What about your worst? As an artist, you’re constantly comparing your shows to others before them. And you probably have sometimes felt like you let yourself down, no matter which stage you were on.


Below are two clips from an interview with Australian band Wolfmother. Lead singer and guitarist Andrew Stockdale reflects on how a band’s perception of its best and worst gigs can sometimes be wrong, and why regularly adjusting your perspective as an artist is important to continuing to grow as a live performer.  I love these interviews because it just goes to show you that no matter how established you get and how much you accomplish some of the same thoughts that pop up from your first few gigs never fully go away.



Stockdale talks about how sometimes a seemingly disastrous show actually turns out to be one of your best.


Stockdale shares insights about different styles of performing, and how an artist’s mood can profoundly affect a live show.


Uncensored Interview is an archive of indie band interviews that provides a collection of viewpoints from artists of different genres, ages, races, economic and political backgrounds. Many interviews taken from the site have also been valuable research tools for music industry analysts, providing a glimpse into current pop culture trends. The archive also acts as a historical collection of opinions and objectives from years past, which are intended to spark an ongoing conversation among viewers.


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